At the heart of the NvisionVLE® Imaging System is our state-of-the-art Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging hardware, providing physicians with comprehensive volumetric images of the esophagus and bile duct in real-time.

OCT transmits infrared (invisible) light into tissue, and measures back-reflected light from the tissue microstructure to see beneath the surface.  While similar in concept to ultrasound, OCT uses light instead of ultrasonic waves to produce higher-resolution images.

  • Subsurface: Image up to 3 mm beneath the tissue surface

  • Volumetric: Image 100% of the tissue over a 6 cm scan length

  • High Resolution: 7 microns

  • Real-time: User-controlled imaging

  • Fast: Complete automated volumetric scans in as little as 20 seconds

This creates a Volumetric Laser Endomicroscopy (VLE) procedure that is...


See what other technologies can't. 

See beneath the surface, up to 3 mm deep, unlike white light endoscopy which can only image surface detail​


See the full picture, 100% of the tissue in a 6 cm volumetric scan, as opposed to a “point” image obtained with confocal microscopy (CLE)


See in high resolution, 7 microns, up to 25X higher resolution than endoscopic ultrasound

Focus on what matters, use artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for real-time detection and colorization of esophageal image features to aid image review

Target with confidence, create real-time superficial laser marks to guide tissue acquisition in areas of interest that may not be visible with other technologies


A Closer Look


State-of-the-art console designed for clinicians, with flexibility and functionality in mind

  • Rapid Setup, easy mobility, and user-friendly controls

  • High resolution touch screens for simple and elegant interrogation of data

User Interface

Intuitive display of three-dimensional volumetric scan data

Cross-sectional view: See beneath the surface

  • 7 micron resolution

  • 3 mm deep

  • 1200 cross-sectional scans over a 6 cm scan length

ROI view: See up close, within a region of interest

Longitudinal view: See along the axis of the organ

  • 4000 images over 360 degrees

En face view: See an overview of the entire scan in one two-dimensional image 

High-Speed Optical Probe

Advanced miniaturized optics rotate and retract at high speeds to provide real-time subsurface volumetric images

  • Balloon catheter facilitates positioning and centering in the esophagus, available in 14 mm, 17 mm, and 20 mm diameter

  • Balloon-less Low-Profile Optical Probe accommodates the narrow anatomy of the pancreatico-biliary system

  • Compatible with endoscope working channels 2.8 mm and larger

Hand Controller

Intuitive hand controller gives complete real-time physician control of the exam

  • Attach to endoscope and control the VLE procedure while at the patient bedside

  • Complete workflow control at your fingertips



At NinePoint Medical, we push the limits of engineering and innovation to provide value to gastroenterologists and their patients.

2013: NvisionVLE® Imaging

System Launch

  • First FDA-cleared OCT imaging system for gastroenterology applications

  • Helping gastroenterologists care for their patients; seeing abnormalities beneath the tissue surface where other technologies can't

  • Press Release

2016: Real-time Targeting™

(RTT) Launch

  • Only feature of its kind in the market

  • Creates real-time superficial laser marks to guide tissue acquisition at esophageal areas of interest that may not be visible with other technologies

  • Press Release

2018: Intelligent Real-time Image Segmentation™ (IRIS)

  • First FDA-cleared artificial intelligence imaging product for gastroenterology

  • Real-time detection and colorization of esophageal image features to aid image review

  • Press Release

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