Target abnormalities beneath the surface of the esophagus, where other technologies can’t see.

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Diseases of the esophagus can go undetected when using conventional tools for diagnosis and therapy. Standard of care white light endoscopy evaluates the tissue surface alone, while random biopsy and brush protocols supply a superficial and limited set of tissue for analysis [1]. Multiple esophageal conditions rely on random tissue sampling to diagnose abnormalities that may not be evident using surface imaging technologies. This contributes to 25% of esophageal adenocarcinoma patients having no disease detected at their initial endoscopy. [2]. The NvisionVLE® Imaging System is designed to supply gastroenterologists with more complete information for their esophageal examinations by providing subsurface, volumetric, high resolution imaging; seeing what other technologies can’t…


[1] Adequacy of esophageal squamous mucosa specimens obtained during endoscopy: are standard biopsies sufficient for postablation surveillance in Barrett's esophagus? Gupta et al., Gastrointest Endoscopy, 2012

[2] Magnitude of Missed Esophageal Adenocarcinoma After Barrett's Esophagus Diagnosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Visrodia et al., Gastroenterology, 2016


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  • Subsurface: Image up to 3 mm beneath the tissue surface

  • Volumetric: Image 100% of the tissue over a 6 cm scan length

  • High Resolution: 7 microns

  • Real-time: User-controlled imaging

See more in the esophagus with the NvisionVLE® Imaging System, imaging that is…


Focus on What Matters

Focus on what matters in the esophagus with Intelligent Real-time Image Segmentation™ (IRIS), the first FDA cleared artificial intelligence (AI) imaging product for gastroenterology

State of the art AI algorithms detect and colorize esophageal image features to aid image review in real-time. Identifies the three most commonly used image interpretation features:

  • Hyper-reflective surface

  • Layering

  • Hypo-reflective structures

To learn more about esophageal VLE image interpretation, check out our Education section

En face viewports supply a single snapshot overview of the entire image volume


Target with Confidence

Target with confidence in the esophagus with Real-time Targeting™

  • Target areas of suspicion that are not visible with conventional imaging modalities

  • Create superficial laser marks in real-time to guide tissue acquisition

  • Hand controller allows for real-time physician control of the VLE scan and Real-time Targeting laser marks

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