See beneath the surface of the bile duct, where other technologies can’t.

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Therapeutic decisions in the bile duct are only as good as the tools used to make them. Currently, visualization in the bile duct is limited to the tissue surface, while superficial brush and biopsy protocols can miss key information. Additionally, stent-associated changes and trauma from interventions can make visual assessment challenging. These can lead to inaccurate diagnosis and management in the bile duct. The NvisionVLE Imaging System is designed to supply gastroenterologists with more complete information for their biliary examinations by providing subsurface, volumetric, high resolution imaging; seeing what other technologies can’t…


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See more in the bile duct with the NvisionVLE Imaging System, imaging that is…

  • Subsurface: Image up to 3 mm beneath the tissue surface

  • Volumetric: Image 100% of the tissue over a 6 cm scan length

  • High Resolution: 7 microns

  • Real-time: User-controlled imaging

  • Low-Profile 7 Fr outer diameter

  • Flexible to navigate tortuous anatomies

  • Optimized optics for smaller anatomies

  • Visible under fluoroscopy

The Low-Profile Optical Probe is designed to image beneath the bile duct surface as part of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) procedures

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